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Excluding a tag in search is hiding the watched tag panel - Can I always show it

I'm trying to exclude neovim questions from If I do a search and save that URL the watched tags panel disappears. Is there any way to always show watched tags when executing a ...
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Any syntax highlighting for VimL now that highlight.js is the new standard for SO/SE?

I noticed that there isn't (as far as I'm aware) any syntax highlighting for VimL as of now. Now that Google prettify is replaced with highlight.js, wouldn't it be possible to have one now?
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Answer not showing up in (recent) inbox

How is it possible for an answer to your question not to show up in your recent StackExchange inbox on the website , but only in your all items inbox: ? That is, the question I received "16 hours ...
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Vim like modal editing in answers and comments

As a Vim user I would like to do all of my typing in Vim or a Vim like environment. This being the Vim stack exchange, is it possible to make all the text input fields on this site Vim-like? I don't ...
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Could we get a logo for our stack exchange?

It's nothing too important but I think it'd be nice if we had some logo/picture to identify with. I wouldn't really consider myself an artist but I'd be willing to put up a few designs if people were ...
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Redirect to

Someone who looks for a Stack Exchange website about Vim may type directly into the URL bar of their browser. This will get an unhelpful page saying that no such Stack Exchange ...
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Is there a simpler way to link to the help?

Many answers (and some questions) include information from vim's builtin documentation. I often find myself on google looking for an HTML version of the vim help, so I can link to it in my answers. ...
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Helping new users learn how to use the :help

@romainl has written a great summary of how to use Vim's documentation. I think this should be copied into, or at the very least linked from, the site's official help pages. It's universally useful ...
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How can I get a daily or weekly digest of questions on my email?

This may be a silly question, but I've really tried to find a way to get a digest of the Vi and Vim SE questions sent to my email. I'm interested in following the questions and discussions, but I tend ...
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Typing out `<kbd>` for every single keystroke is a PITA

Some Stack Exchange sites seem to have custom formatting shortcuts. For example Code Review has \$ delimiters for cool MathJax expressions, which doesn't work on Stack Overflow. Since keystrokes will ...
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Can syntax highlighting be made available?

While I wouldn't expect vimscript to be immediately available for highlighting, I think other languages aren't available either. I just tried to add it to this answer using both <!-- language: bash ...
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Do we really need the [vim] tag?

Theoretically, vim is supposed to be used to specify that the question is specific to the Vim, that is, Vi IMproved by Bram Moolenaar. However, it appears that this is rarely the case in practice, ...
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