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What to do with old questions linked to missing screencast?

Reviewing some of the old question I find questions with missing screencast (the link point to a missing file). What are we supposed to do with these questions?
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Edits "How to" => "How can I"

I recently came across several suggested edits by the same user (I won't link here, but they should be easy to find if you have access to the review queues). Each one amounted to changing "How to...?"...
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Is it taboo to encourage or edit answers to be command by command?

I'm not sure how many of you get this, but I use a different keyboard layout (Colemak), and a different vim layout in general, so sometimes when I am reading solutions, I get down right confused ...
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Vim like modal editing in answers and comments

As a Vim user I would like to do all of my typing in Vim or a Vim like environment. This being the Vim stack exchange, is it possible to make all the text input fields on this site Vim-like? I don't ...
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