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Should the question "Abandon Vim and adopt Neovim" be allowed to remain open?

Abandon Vim and adopt Neovim - hard reasons for not doing so? Since my alternative multi-question approach does not seem to be gaining support/traction, I must accept the message communicated by that ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Add a "not about Vi or Vim" close reason

In the close reason mod toolbox almost all custom close reasons are because the question isn't about Vi or Vim. Not sure how much reputation you need to view that, but here's a screenshot: I propose ...
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7 votes
3 answers

Let's change text of "resolved in a manner unlikely to help future readers" close reason

I occasionally vote to close a question because I believe it was "resolved in a manner unlikely to help future readers". Often enough others agree that the question does get closed. A recent ...
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Custom off-topic close reasons

We can set up to 3 custom close reasons. Do we want any custom close reasons? From What do site moderators need to do to support the new custom question close reasons?: This can be tricky; your goal ...
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