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Vi & Vim is graduating from Beta!

I am very excited to announce that yes, the Vi & Vim StackExchange will be graduating from Beta. Look forward to the official name-change on December 16th, 2021 alongside other official meta posts ...
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What is the status / progress of exiting public beta?

What is the status of this Vi and Vim site exiting public beta? I searched the meta questions for beta and the last discussion I found is from 2015: How do we exit public beta (i.e., what are the ...
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5 votes
2 answers

How do we exit public beta (i.e., what are the criteria)?

Now we've made it into public beta (yay!), in a similar vein to this question, what are the criteria (objective or subjective) we need to hit to have this site exit public beta and become a fully-...
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Building a foundation for vi/vim knowledge

This site will shortly enter public beta. With that change in status will come fresh opportunities: visibility via search engines and throughout the Stack Exchange network, a team of moderators chosen ...
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If this site doesn't make it out of private beta, what happens to all the Q&A?

I'm trying to encourage myself to participate in the private beta of vi.SE, but I have to be honest and say that one thing that holds me back somewhat is the thought that if the gods of SE don't deem ...
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When would the private beta be ready for public beta? [duplicate]

Currently the site is in private beta, so all the questions/links are not accessible by non-users. The site already has over 240 questions and it'll pass 2 weeks soon. When would the site be ...
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What criteria do we need to meet to ensure Vi and Vim continues beyond private beta?

This is the first StackExchange site I've been involved in as a private beta. I've heard murky rumours that not all sites make it past this phase; how can I understand what criteria this site will ...
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