This may be a silly question, but I've really tried to find a way to get a digest of the Vi and Vim SE questions sent to my email. I'm interested in following the questions and discussions, but I tend to forget to check the site regularly. If I could get a list of new or updated questions or similar for all Vi and Vim questions, I would be very happy.

Note: I know that this is possible for stackexchange sites that are not in beta.


It looks like the 'weekly newsletter' feature is not something that exists until the site is out of beta (this makes sense to a degree, as in beta SE probably wants people to actually visit the site).

As far as I know, the closest approximation you have available to you is the recent questions RSS feed.

  • I think you are correct that it is not possible. However, the Recent Questions RSS feed is perhaps even better to me than an email digest! – Karl Yngve Lervåg Feb 14 '15 at 20:10

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