Today I stumbled on How to show git branch in statusline?. The question's title is a bit misleading—it actually wants a review of current code. Seeing that it was a code review, I was unsure how to proceed, but figured I would leave a first-draft answer and then ask on meta.

While drafting this question, I found and read How does this site feel about code review questions?. It argues for allowing such Q&As.

I want to clarify for this specific case that I am following site procedure (so that I can rest easier in my answer)—effectively, that the linked meta is still community consensus.

(I for one would love it to be, since I don't spend as much time on CR either, and only has 11 questions on CR.)

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    Even if the meta question you linked is 3 years old I don't see a reason why our consensus would have changed: We didn't have a lot of code review questions since then so I think that allowing them doesn't really change how our site works. I think your answer is great and definitely follows our rules :)
    – statox
    Jul 8 '19 at 11:54

From comments, posting reviews of code seems fine. Glad to hear.

I don’t see a reason why our consensus would have changed

your answer [...] definitely follows our rules


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