I'm asking this question because this question Neovim takes so long to source ruby.vim have been put on hold.

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Nobody said Neovim is off-topic on this site (neither the meta question about this or the current help center nor its future revision). We even have a dedicated tag with a lot of questions about Neovim.

Carpetsmoker closed the question because the performance issue didn't come from Vim itself but came from a third party tool (rbenv) which is clearly off topic.

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    I don't agree that this question is off topic. The question is "why is sourcing ruby.vim slow" and the answer is "because of your ruby environment: Vim is waiting for ruby to do stuff". I agree that figuring out how to fix that would be off-topic, but that's not what the OP asked.
    – Rich
    Mar 27, 2018 at 16:29

The vote for close was because the problem was related to ruby, not to neovim. Note, that I'd have said to run nvim with strace and then check were the time was lost.

Now the problem could be changed into: "how could I know when my performance problem is related to vim or to an external process or device that takes to long to respond?"

I had the problem a few times because my runtime files are on an overloaded GPFS device, and that a few option like &tags contained ** which triggered a lot useless calls to stat and to fopen.

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