I recently saw this question: Good Ways to Get Over that Vim Learning Curve?, and I saw that it was tagged with and . Both of these tags are completely wrong for the question, and I was going to edit it, but I can't for the life of me figure out what tags we have that are appropriate for the question.

I think perhaps we should make a tag for "philosophical" questions about vim, e.g. general questions about how to effectively use vim that aren't about any particular topic inside of vim. I can see a tag like that appropriate for questions like this one, or even this one, which to be fair is closed as primarily opinion based.

I imagine there are at least 10-20 questions like this, although I didn't really look for them super hard.

So basically my question is, should we have a tag like this, and what should the tag be?

  • Since it has macvim, I guess the vim-windows tag is a misuse, and meant to be the MS Windows one. I removed that. If anything, I guess it should be tagged vim-tutor. :P
    – muru
    Aug 17, 2016 at 3:09

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If this would be Stack Overflow, I would close that question as "primarily opinion based" (or possibly "too broad") without much thought.

But this isn't Stack Overflow and I think we can perhaps permit ourselves some more leeway; Stack Overflow has about four times more questions in a single day than we get a in a year. But it seems to me that we need to first think and discus the scope of the site when it comes to opinionated and/or broad-ish questions. Do we want to allow this at all, and if so, under which conditions? And which questions would be eligible?

I believe some other Stack Exchange sites have done this successfully, but let's do it right rather than half-arsed. I would most certainly not be in favour of just allowing all opinion-based questions − it's just not what the Stack Exchange platform does and provides the tools to do.

Unfortunately I don't have time right now and fully think about and address the issue, and I'll be at the Golang UK conference and a small holiday in the next few days (I'll be back on Monday), but I encourage everyone to think about it and put forth arguments either way.

In the meantime, I've closed this question. We can always re-open it later.

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