I am trying to advocate vi.SE by going out on SO, answering Vim questions and then directing people towards us here on vi.SE. Yet, I encountered a situation in which a question on SO has no equivalent here on vi.SE.

I am aware of What do we do with questions that are already answered somewhere else on SE? But it would be rather difficult for me to beat my own answer.

Is it the correct action to make a better question and then extend my own answer as a self-answer to it?

The question I'm thinking of asking (and self-answering) is "How do I open files in exotic encodings in Vim?"

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I'm still pretty new to the SE ecosystem, but I don't see the harm in replicating your answer here, especially if you can improve the original question. Each site exists to collect great questions and even better answers about its particular scope, so having a good Vi-related question and answer on the Vi & Vim SE, regardless of their existence on another SE (or even the internet as a whole) just seems correct to me.

As Gilles said himself in the meta discussion you linked:

The whole point for this site to exist is to be a better place for vi questions than SO. If SO is the place to go for vi answers, there's no point in having a site dedicated to vi.

So as far as I'm concerned, absolutely go for it. It all makes this stack a better place.

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