I am not sure how I should deal with some questions I have that may be considered opinion-based.


I recently read this reddit article about the shortcortcomings of netrw (bad code base leading to errors) that also pop up if you use extensions like tpope's vim-vinegar. I wonder now whether I should use vimfiler or NERD Tree (with the non-drawer option set) and would appreciate the view of other experienced vim users on that topic.

I have the following options:

  • I will not ask any question, as a question on this may be considered an opinion-based question that StackExchange does not like to see
  • I will ask a clearly opinion-based question like "Do you prefer vimfiler, vinegar or NERD Tree with non-drawer-flag set and why?", knowing that this question will likely be closed (but hoping it will get good answers as I have seen often on opinion-based questions)
  • I will try to create a non-opinion based question for it like "What are the most important feature differences between vimfiler, vinegar or NERD Tree with non-drawer-flag set and how fast and stable is their use?"
  • I will ask an opinion-based question in the chat and risk getting little answers (as no reputation is given) and knowing noone will ever reread a given answer in chat

How should I deal with this?


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You're trying to solve a problem, I assume? Such as quickly navigating in a project, or opening web pages, or something else.

That is your question, and netrw is an possible answer, as are vimfiler or NERDtree. And perhaps there is even another solution to your problem other than using a file manager plugin you haven't even thought of :-)

How do I install a plugin in vim/vi? is perhaps a good example of how such a question can be asked.

  • If I ask the question "how do I navigate in a project?" I might get netrw, NERDtree and vimfiler as answer, and possible other plugins or methods will be mentioned. But this does not really answer my real question which one I should use, on which I want the community's input :/
    – cbaumhardt
    Sep 10, 2015 at 20:47
  • @cbaumhardt Which plugin you should use is a silly question anywhere. You should use the solution that you like the best, and no one else can decide that for you. Sep 10, 2015 at 22:37

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