I recently asked a question on SO here asking if I can ask about 'Vim Adventures' here and this is where I was redirected along with Arqade. Is this site ok to ask this here?

Thanks in advanced.

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The current consensus based on "What is considered to vi?" at the time of this writing would lead me to say "no, you can't."

Vim Adventures is a game, first and foremost. It's a fun tool for learning about vim, but it's main purpose is not to be a text editor. Questions about Vim Adventures already have a home on Arqade, and I think that is the appropriate place for them to remain.

  • If the question is about Vim Adventures to the point where you want to tag it as such, it's probably also more about the "gaming" aspects of the program (such as completing a particular level, or locating the ability to unlock a particular key). Thus, Arqade is the better place.

  • If the question is about how to use a particular subset of vim's functionality to achieve a desired result (such as move to a particular location in some text using only a certain set of keys), that's probably appropriate here, but at that point you've divorced the issue from the implementation sufficiently to not need to tag it with .

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