Now we've made it into public beta (yay!), in a similar vein to this question, what are the criteria (objective or subjective) we need to hit to have this site exit public beta and become a fully-fledged SE site?


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Vi/Vim is a ways off from graduation, but looking forward — there are very few minimum criteria1 for when a site becomes eligible for graduation, so the actual deciding factors are still largely subjective. We are generally looking for a robust site with a steady stream of high-quality quantity questions, enough to keep folks interested in the site on a sustained basis. We look at the turnover rate to see if the community has attracted an avid, core group of users. We look for an active and functional governance; i.e. does the community respond to and act on meta issues as they come up? Is their purpose and their scope pretty rock solid, or are there issues that still need to be resolved? We also look at the viability of holding a functional election (an intrinsic part of graduation). So generally speaking, we look for a site that has a sustained level of activity that all-but-guarantees the site can maintain a healthy pattern of growth for the foreseeable future.

But graduation doesn't happen on cue like a badge. We don't have a set goal that says "if you do {x}, you will graduate." We are getting there. We are honing in on those elusive "objective guidelines" that we'll (hopefully) be comfortable enough to publish and rely on exclusively — but we're not there yet. So graduation-checks come up periodically, and if everything looks good to go, we'll submit the site for their design.

I've written about this on several occasions; the posts below cover the crux of it:

1Technically speaking, the "minimum requirements" for a site to become eligible are: >90 days (minimum) in public beta, 10+ users with 2,000 rep, and 5+ users with 3000 rep, although these numbers are rarely (read never) the constraining factor.

  • Should contributors ask and answer their own questions to increase the quantity and quality of the questions on this site? For example taking an entry from vim.org's wiki and ask/answering the same concepts here?
    – Sukima
    Mar 2, 2015 at 5:11
  • @Sukima If you have another question, please post it using the 'ask question' feature. But the short answer is, no, don't start copying and answering question here in bulk as a way of increasing quality. The primary use case should be to ask about problems you actually have. See Asking the first questions. Mar 2, 2015 at 14:57

It happens "when it is ready". When SE decides a critical mass of users and activity is sustained only then can a site graduate.

The stats on A51 are somewhat meaningless and the quoted "90 days" you'll see there is absolutely meaningless. Look at other sites in beta and you'll find many that are multiple years old. Expect to be in beta for a long time.

For a more detailed discussion and some examples, see: Let's set better expectations for how long beta lasts

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